Welcome to Bodywise Pain Therapy.

Hi! My name is Paul and I'm a fully qualified SLM bodywork therapist (AAMT 032320) and specialise in using holistic approaches to fix your pain!

My philosophy is to provide my clients the best opportunity I can give them for a better quality of life, with my utmost care and attention to their needs, to help them live pain free!

My treatments relax both your mind and body as I use a combination of treatments that treat your body as a whole rather than just a sum of individual parts.  The results are both effective and dramatic.  See my testimonials to see for yourself!

The clinic is set in private surrounds with the ambience of a tropical garden in the waiting room.

You can expect your treatment to last over an hour and to include hot towels and a foot spa.

Please call me on 0488 775 309 for more information, or click Book Now to make an appointment at a convenient time.

Testimonials 5 Star Rating


After undertaking just 4 sessions with Paul Reball at Bodywise Pain Therapy, I have been left with feeling so much more balanced in my body posture and pain free.

Previously when i came to see Paul, I had horrible and persisting pain in my neck, shoulder, back and glutes. To the point where it was affecting my training in the gym, sitting/ standing for long periods and sleeping.

Paul was able to not only release this pain ,but also found other troubled areas I was unaware of, and loosen these up also. I can now sit, stand for much longer and my training technique has improved immensely.

With Paul's experience,knowledge and professionalism,he has changed my life greatly.I highly recommend his services to you all. Thank you Paul!!!


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