SLM Bodywork

SLM bodywork manipulates the body's soft tissue using a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques to lengthen the muscles and balance and improve the body functions.  It uses an effective and holistic approach to healing your body by looking at areas such as diet, exercise and lifestyle to not only make your body more receptive to the bodywork techniques, but to also allow your body to cope better with your lifestyle so that injury doesn’t occur in the first place.

SLM Bodywork Benefits

The biggest benefit is the long lasting relief from pain - especially chronic pain that has been in the body for a number of months or even years.  Most people feel light, balanced and energised after each treatment.

Long-term recipients of this form of body work report better health and wellbeing and less pain and discomfort generally.


What to expect during an SLM Treatment

Using unique massage techniques, SLM practitioners continually move around the body to identify problem muscles that are causing imbalances and/or pain.  Those muscles are treated deeply in brief intervals so that by the end of a treatment the condition of those muscles has been improved dramatically but in such a way as not to overwork and injure them. Any excess pain felt by the patient or resistance from the muscles is treated with diet, supplements and or exercises depending on the body and lifestyle of the person being treated.


SLM Bodywork Origins

SLM Bodywork was created by Steve Lockhart in the late 1980s from his original training under John Guttenbeil. Steve has worked to refine and develop the techniques over the past 17 years and has now put together a comprehensive training program with the goal of providing others with an easier and more effective method for giving fast, long lasting relief from chronic pain in the body.


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