Sports Massage

Sports Massage is similar to Remedial Massage, consists mainly of soft tissue manipulation, and is often working the deeper tissues of your body. It works by increasing blood flow for rapid muscle repair and promotes healthy muscle function in the muscles and surrounding soft tissues, as a result of your sporting activities.

Different soft tissue techniques are carefully selected, depending on if your massage is pre or post event. Your sports treatment is tailored to your past, current, and future sporting programs and we work with you to achieve your peak athletic performance.


Who can benefit from Sports Massage

Sports Massage is suited to anyone active who is placing specific challenges on their body; from those just beginning to get fit, to elite athletes. Massage aids muscle growth and helps prevent injuries such as muscle strains and tears.

Sports Massage will also benefit clients pre-event to ensure the body is in optimal condition for competition, or post-event to aid in recovery.

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