Jean Ashford

5 Stars

Last October, I was diagnosed with a bulging disc & experiencing the worst pain I had had in my life. In desperation, I went to the web & purchased a do it yourself program & discovered the SLM site which had a list of SLM myotherapists and found Paul Reball was nearby.

Paul has been a massive part of my recovery over the last 6 months. He treats my whole body and I cannot stress too highly the benefits and healing properties of this holistic method of therapy, as opposed to “let’s work on the bit that hurts “method.

Paul is a true professional who is, at the same time, approachable and friendly and always starts off your session with a discussion of where you are with your health concerns. He provides a calming, spotless and safe environment for the most relaxing and beneficial total body massage, which provides amazing relief from joint and muscle pain, stiffness and stress. When I leave his premises and his care I always feel as though I am twenty years younger!! My joints are free from pain, my skin is glowing and my muscles are relaxed and all working as they should be.

I always recommend Paul to any relatives or friends who are suffering from joint and muscle pain, as I know they will be pleased with the service he provides.

Veronica Coffin

5 Stars

My husband and I both went to see Paul with separate concerns, with his professional approach and genuine concern to rectify the issues he did it so well!! I will be referring Paul to anyone we know.
Great job!! Five stars for sure ??????????

brad fitzhenry

5 Stars

hi my name is brad i am 62 and a golfer. i recently had a fall and damaged the tendons in my right elbow and arm,the doctors told me it would six weeks recovery with no golf .i got in touch with Paul and started a rehab program to get ready for the club championships and i am placed in the top 8. This would not of been possible without the great work Paul has done on my arm. IF you have a sports injury i am sure with pauls help you can get back sooner to the sport you love. Paul provides treatment for your well-being and circulation as well.
your in health

Diana Caldwell

5 Stars


ross parks

5 Stars

Paul is very intuitive, and his broad range of skills allow him to combine techniques and treatments (deep tissue, myofascial release,aromatherapy, guided meditation) to provide deep relief and relaxation. i have been to many massage therapists over the years and he is by far the best i have found in Australia. i love the feeling of peace and joy that lasts for days after sessions with him.


Natalie Illidge

5 Stars

From playing basketball and indoor volleyball, I suffered from a knee injury which prevented me from continuing to play. After the first massage with Paul, I noticed a major difference in the range of movement in my knee as well as a decreased level of pain. After the second massage I was back playing a full game with no pain at all. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is suffering from ant sporting injury!!

Wayne Daley

5 Stars

Hi Paul,
I am doing well thank you.
I have been seeing Paul for my injury issues now, for over a year and he has definately made a difference to how i feel and work.

David Catton

5 Stars

paul did an amazing job on my painful areas on Friday evening I could barley walk when I got there now I feel pretty good today will definitely be coming back that's for sure thanks again

jodie maxim

5 Stars

I my name is Jodi maxim. I have been suffering from muscular pain and problems in my shoulders for a few years now. because of the work I do I found I was getting to the point where I was in constant pain and living on pain killers. so decided to see Paul Reball at bodywise pain therapy after a friend told me about him. Paul is very professional and really knows what he is doing. Ive seen Paul for two months now and already the difference is amazing. I'm not in constant pain I no longer need pain killers to get through my day, my movement is easier I sleep better and work is easier. I suffer from sinus problems as well and Paul has been able to help me with that. I am using less nasal spray and have not needed allergy tablets. I'm not suffering headaches any more and just feel healthier and happier. I truly believe massage therapy works and really trust Paul he is a lovely person who really knows what he is doing. I highly recommend Paul for his experience and knowledge and professionalism. thank you Paul.

Caroline Rogers

5 Stars

After a massage from Paul it released all the tension in my neck and removed the stiffness. Thanks Paul for helping me to feel better.

Darren Carbis

5 Stars

Before i went to see Paul to get a massage, I could barely walk or drive a car. I was in a great amount of pain, but after going and having a massage I could walk and do everything else with ease, and felt a whole lot better.

I would recommend Paul to anyone he is very professional in every way.

Vincent Caputo

5 Stars

Very professional, and have had great results with in a short time.??

Elinor Longmore

5 Stars

I have suffered from sciatic pain in my hip for many years. Throughout the years I have tried many forms of treatment to relieve the pain but to no avail.

A year ago found Paul Reball from Bodywise Pain Therapy, and began treatment for the pain. The relief was indescribable. With continued treatment with Paul I now live with minimal pain. I no longer suffer pain to the extent before treatment with Paul. As a woman I feel comfortable with the treatment I received, and find Paul is very considerate of privacy. He always ensures the comfort of his clients.

My husband has also had treatment with Paul for extensive back pain and we both have been very pleased with the results we have received. I have the highest regard for Paul and recommend him to anybody who needs relief from their pain.

lesley melton

5 Stars

i first met paul when he travelled to the pan pacific games with our softball team, as the team masseur, a couple of years ago. while travelling away earlier this year in nsw , i hurt my lower back and needed help to alleviate the pain radiating down my upper and lower legs. I had difficulty walking ,sleeping and even sitting. i had seen numerous doctors who had prescribed medications of various pain relief but unfortunately only worked to some degree to camouflage the pain. When i arrived home i contacted paul to see if he could assist me and arranged an appointment. paul reviewed the information that i supplied to him and advised me that it would take a few treatments by him to have me mobile again. He proceeded to work on my lower back and legs. after just 6 sessions with paul i am pain free which has allowed me to resume my travelling. i will definitely be going back to paul as soon as i am home to continue with my treatment. I know paul will have me back playing my beloved sport of softball in no time. He has also assisted me on other occasions with relief of shoulder pain i also suffer from. My daughter who suffers from fibro myalgia has been to see paul in order to gain relief from pain. Paul is very professional in his treatment and respectful of your needs. I have no hesitation in recommending paul to anyone who may be in need of a very professional bodywork treatment .

lesley quirke

5 Stars

I accidentally found Paul, bodywise pain therapy, on google two years ago after trying many varieties of massage for my hip which no one could ease the pain, let alone improve it to the point Paul has. Paul has unquestionable integrity and great massage therapy skills , he listens to your concerns and acts accordingly, making it an easy choice to return every month for a maintenance massage now that the main issue with hip has been improved ! I have just completed ,at the age of 57 , the kokoda 96klm challenge on the gold coast. I would never have completed this challenge without pauls continued mental support and massage therapy skills . I had no pain at all through the whole journey ( a first ever on mountainous terrain !) and recovery was a non event thanks to the soothing massage paul gave me prior to the event Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

lesley Quirke

Ian Bishop

5 Stars

Great work and body is less tight and more relaxed Paul,thanks again. Bish


5 Stars

Relaxing massage or remedial massage, both very beneficial. Certainly worth it.

Perry Mcilreavy

5 Stars

Going to see paul for back pain the work paul as done for me on my back helps me move alot more easier will be back after the new year thanks paul for your work this year see you next year perry

Malany Beckwith

5 Stars

Feeling heaps better. Not so sore. Thank you for the lovely massage.


5 Stars

After undertaking just 4 sessions with Paul Reball at Bodywise Pain Therapy, I have been left with feeling so much more balanced in my body posture and pain free.

Previously when i came to see Paul, I had horrible and persisting pain in my neck, shoulder, back and glutes. To the point where it was affecting my training in the gym, sitting/ standing for long periods and sleeping.

Paul was able to not only release this pain ,but also found other troubled areas I was unaware of, and loosen these up also. I can now sit, stand for much longer and my training technique has improved immensely.

With Paul's experience,knowledge and professionalism,he has changed my life greatly.I highly recommend his services to you all. Thank you Paul!!!